I'm getting married on June 8th.

Yes, I really found a woman who is brave enough to marry me.
She feels like she's getting the better end of this deal.
I feel like *I* am getting the better end of this deal.

Sounds like this is going to work out just fine.

OH, we got titanium wedding rings! How nifty is that?

Mystery solved, abandoned apartment stuff discovered

Long story short, the guy who left this apartment in 1993 was finally tracked down... sort of...

If you google for John Lewis Phillips and Pepperdine, you'll find campus news announcing that he died in 2001 of diabetes complications... state of his apartment implies it was alcoholism though.

Looks like he made it thirty years before dying from alcohol... As far as I can tell he was born the same year I was born, makes me happy I've never been much of a drinker or any other sort of addict.

Apartment insanity

Mold, everywhere.... that's pretty much how it feels.

But it gets crazier, far far crazier.

I spoke to my landlord and said my boxsprings grew mold in a month of living in the apartment. He said "Oh, that's too bad." which I take as tactful for "tough luck, sucker."

Since my landlord obviously doesn't care, I thought I'd do my own research and look around the building for more mold.

I discovered that three or four apartments are rented out of thirty three or thirty four apartments total.

I discovered one apartment that was abandoned by an alcoholic college student in July of 1993, but all his stuff is still there.

Srsly. I kid you not. My landlord has neither rented nor cleaned out this apartment in the past eighteen years. I have photographic evidence. Lots of it. When was the last time you saw an apartment full of cassette tapes and soft focus porn and empty beer cans?

What's that? Oh, the door was open, no B&E or lockpicking. No really, the stairway was covered in waist high cobwebs but the door to the apartment was left wide open.

Recent life

So, I lived in Boston for almost two years, had a nice job.

I've moved back to Alabama, I'm living with my mother.

Before the 40-year old virgin jokes start up, I'm going to university to finish my degree, and helping out my mother.

Class starts in January, I'm hoping to get into a computer security class as one of my classes.
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First QS20 blade up and running!

This weekend's goal was to install Yellow Dog Linux on my Cell blades (those that have drives, at least). The winning solution was found by Bartek Kochan.

QS20 blade(s) with drive and controller card.
IDE to USB widget
Yellow Dog Linux DVD

Prerequisites: experience installing Yellow Dog Linux on a PlayStation3

Pull the drive out of the QS20 blade, attach that drive to the PlayStation3 with the usb<->ide widget. Install Yellow Dog Linux. When asked which drive to use for the install, select the ide drive. Once the install of Yellow Dog Linux is complete, stick the drive back into the QS20, put the QS20 back into your chassis, and repeat for all your blades.

Part 2 ... for those of us that have QS20 blades that do NOT have drives and/or controller cards.


I suspect I'll get to learn about PXE booting.

In any case, I should have three Cell blades up and running tomorrow.

At this point I need to order another voltage regulator so I can power the second pair of power supplies. Then I should be able to get six Cell blades running, possibly seven. Though it seems one of my blades has problems, won't talk to the chassis, so I may have only six that work.

I'm also going to ignore all the warnings about QS20s not working with any other type of blade, and see if I can get an HS21 running at the same time.

Cell blades in BladeCenter E cause power confusion

I'm pretty sure this is a bug in the advanced management module, I know the QS20 blades aren't well supported at this point.

In any case, I put in three of the QS20 blades with drives and powered them on, hoping one of them would just boot up and get a DHCP address... no such luck.

I took a glance at the power usage graph and immediately powered off the blades...

Like I said, I'm pretty sure this is a bug... I'm running this off a single 110 volt circuit, wouldn't it trip the fuse if this were real?