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random #haskell quotes

For my own entertainment, I spammed a bunch of quotes from lambdabot onto my personal irc channel. Here are some of the better quotes:

ricky_clarkson says: Ubuntu, an ancient African word meaning "I can't configure Debian".

ChristopherHendrie says: Sometimes I wonder if Java will be indirectly responsible for hastening the adoption of functional programming languages

shapr says: vincenz: Right. Santa Claus can have a bowl full of jelly, but it's not appealing on programmers.

pl0nk says: I wonder what SPJ sees when he closes his eyes before answering a question.

lennart says: floating point numbers are terrible. I maintain that before using them people should have an floating point drivers license

SyntaxNinja says: I recommend seeing if people have a major problem, then pouring concrete on them, and implementing what you want anyway ;)

david roundy says: With a higher-kinded monad and phantom existential witness types, darcs would be very fun... (not that it isn't already...)

Randroid says: I just wrote a monad that does my laundry. It threads it round and round until it's washed. Now I'm going to work on the Dryer monad.

YHC says: There is currently no debugging system available. Please write correct programs.

VerityStob says: Lisp is still #1 for key algorithmic techniques such as recursion and condescension.

heatsink says: @pl (\y -> you y off) -- gotta try this one!

mrd says: the best preprocessor for java is rm

edwardk says: well, dependent types fuck with compilers ability to get anything done

says: also, if you use ST you know the code is just using mutable variables, rather than formatting your hard drive

l33t_h4x0r says: maybe if uve had some professor teach u bullshit in uni yea \n i learned on my own.. k.. i dun give a shit bout terms :p i just code

byorgey says: sometimes asking #haskell for help can be like taking a drink from a fire hose

johnnowak says: Oi I need a break. I just tried to read 'Oxford' as a hexidecimal.

thetallguy says: Using and advocating Haskell is like being Calvin (and Hobbes). To you, it's alive, real, a true delight. To those who know better, it's a stuffed tiger.
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