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The Revenge of the Anti-Penguin
Redline the engines, there's nothing left to lose.
Apartment insanity 
20th-Mar-2011 07:48 pm
Mold, everywhere.... that's pretty much how it feels.

But it gets crazier, far far crazier.

I spoke to my landlord and said my boxsprings grew mold in a month of living in the apartment. He said "Oh, that's too bad." which I take as tactful for "tough luck, sucker."

Since my landlord obviously doesn't care, I thought I'd do my own research and look around the building for more mold.

I discovered that three or four apartments are rented out of thirty three or thirty four apartments total.

I discovered one apartment that was abandoned by an alcoholic college student in July of 1993, but all his stuff is still there.

Srsly. I kid you not. My landlord has neither rented nor cleaned out this apartment in the past eighteen years. I have photographic evidence. Lots of it. When was the last time you saw an apartment full of cassette tapes and soft focus porn and empty beer cans?

What's that? Oh, the door was open, no B&E or lockpicking. No really, the stairway was covered in waist high cobwebs but the door to the apartment was left wide open.
21st-Mar-2011 01:31 am (UTC)
First, dude, you okay? And second... wow... just wow.
21st-Mar-2011 05:31 am (UTC)
That's pretty impressive.
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